What Is a Dental Crown?
January 26, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

What your dentist in Lake Oswego wants you to knowdental crowns

If you have a cavity or damaged tooth, you may be wondering if you should choose a large filling or a dental crown. What is a dental crown anyway? What makes it so much better than a filling? The short answer is a dental crown can protect your tooth much better than a filling. A dental crown looks more natural and beautiful too! Dr. Colin Smith at Lake Oswego Smiles in Lake Oswego, OR wants to share the facts about dental crowns and why they are the right choice for you.

A dental crown covers your entire tooth above the gumline. Dental crown materials are strong, providing a shield for your tooth against strong pressure and biting forces. When you bite down, the pressure and stress are spread out evenly across your tooth, protecting your tooth from damage.

In the past, dental crowns were made of gold, or porcelain-fused-to-metal. Those crown materials are still available, but they don’t provide the aesthetic natural beauty you deserve. Dr. Smith offers a better choice: a high-grade dental ceramic (porcelain). Porcelain reflects light, just like your natural teeth, so you know your dental crown will be cosmetically beautiful and look completely natural.

Don’t worry, your crown may look delicate, but it will provide strong protection for your tooth. If you have chipped, broken, badly decayed or damaged teeth, porcelain crowns can restore your teeth and your smile. To view amazing before-and-after photos of Dr. Smith’s dental crown patients please visit the Crowns Gallery page on Dr. Smith’s website at https://www.oswegosmiles.com/crowns-gallery.html

If you have a damaged smile, dental crowns can give you back your smile, better than before! That’s because dental crowns both protect and enhance your smile at the same time. For more information about dental crowns and other restorative and cosmetic dental services call Dr. Smith at Lake Oswego Smiles in Lake Oswego, OR today!