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July 24, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Sometimes problems with teeth develop very suddenly, but often, there are a few warning signs that let you know something is wrong. root canalYour Lake Oswego, OR, dentist Dr. Colin Smith discusses several things that may happen if you need a root canal and explains how a root canal can help.

Your tooth hurts

Pain doesn't have to be constant to be a problem. Sometimes pain can even go away for a few days or weeks, only to return again. If you experience tooth pain, call our Lake Oswego office and schedule an appointment. Pain in a tooth can occur for a variety of reasons, including decay, dying nerves in your tooth pulp or sensitivity due to receding gums. The only way to determine the cause of your pain is by examining your mouth.

If you need a root canal and don't seek treatment when you first notice symptoms, pain may eventually become constant and can even keep you up at night.

Your gums hurt too

Your gums can become irritated if you need a root canal. Swelling and redness around a tooth can be warning signs.

Your tooth stands out

An inflammation or infection in the pulp of a tooth can cause your tooth to darken. If your formerly white tooth is now brown or gray, you might need a root canal.

Eating is uncomfortable

When chewing, or even pressing on your tooth hurts, a root canal may be in your future. Pulp inflammation or infections can also cause sensitivity. If you eat or drink something sweet, hot or cold, you may experience pain.

Your tooth hurts and you feel sick

Root canals are often performed to treat dental abscesses. The bacterial infection can cause swollen lymph nodes, fever and facial swelling. You may also notice pus or a pimple on your gum.

A root canal can end your pain

Root canals remove the infected or inflamed tooth pulp that is the source of your problem. Before you root canal begins, you'll receive injections of local anesthetic to prevent pain. We'll remove the pulp, clean the inside of your tooth and the root canals, and add a temporary filling to your tooth. You'll return to our office about a week later to receive a permanent dental crown. Although you may notice a little sensitivity in your tooth after the procedure, you'll soon be pain-free.

Protect your smile with a root canal. Call Lake Oswego, OR, dentist Dr. Colin Smith at (503) 635-3653 if you're concerned about a tooth.